What Silent Message is Your Home Saying to Potential buyers?


The way we live in our New Jersey home and the way we sell our homes are two very different things. When we live in our homes, it’s styled for us, not for a potential buyer… and not for your desired selling price!

Don’t think your New Jersey home needs targeted staging? Think again. You can have outdated furnishings within a multi-million dollar home and those old sofas will still scream “cheap!” at your potential buyers. Trust me, that’s not the message you want to send.

The truth? All homes need home staging. Buyers will look at a dozen homes that meet their criteria (# beds and baths, yard, etc.), so what makes ONE HOME stand out to them?

Staging. Staging is what creates a memorable emotion in buyers and will set your home apart.

Before & AFter: Tenafly, NJ Home Staging


Before we staged this home, it looked a little dark, drab, and outdated. Light-colored, updated furniture, a styled coffee table, a rug and oversized art elevate this space to a more elegant level. It is now styled to reflect the price point of the home.

Before & AFter: NEW JERSEY Home Staging

guest bedroom before

guest bedroom before

New Jersey home Guest bedroom after home staging By Spaces That Speak Home Staging Warm and inviting

New Jersey home Guest bedroom after home staging By Spaces That Speak Home Staging Warm and inviting

We made some subtle but impactful changes in this guest bedroom in New Jersey. Swapping out the sea green drapes for white ones instantly created a fresh feeling. White bedding, colorful pillows, and a rug and accessories in the same color palette revive this space. It’s now fresh, inviting, and creates a feel of rejuvenating and calm in home buyers.

Goals of Home Staging

Lastly, I want to leave you with some of the goals of home staging. Whether you’re hiring a professional (which I recommend) or doing your best on your own, this is what you’ll want your space to achieve:

  • Connect with your buyer and leave a positive impression that they’ll take home with them

  • Stand out from the other NJ homes on the market

  • Make sure your interior and exterior reflect the value of the home (or create an even higher perceived value in buyers’ eyes)

If you need assistance staging your home or getting an actionable list of to-dos for prepping your space, call us!

Lori Carbone, President of Spaces That Speak Home Staging, has extensive experience in home staging, decorating and remodeling, along with 20+ years in sales, marketing, and merchandising in New York’s fashion industry. Lori having bought, decorated and sold 5 of her own properties knows first hand how stressful the selling process can be and what it takes to stage a property to sell.  Lori has a natural passion for turning a house into a home and enjoys sharing that creative talent with others.