Do Million-Dollar NJ Homes Need to Be Staged for Sale?


Even million-dollar homes in Bergen County, NJ need home staging.

Competition is fierce, multiple properties sit at the same price point (even million dollar homes), so how will your home get noticed? The answer is staging.

Case in point: We just completed a staging project for a $1.5M home. This property was listed for a year with no offers. After we staged it, it was under contract in less than 20 days. Home Staging works!


Remember: Home staging will always cost less than a price reduction.

Reasons to stage a vacant home:

  1. A professionally styled and staged home will bring in more buyer traffic which will in turn generate top dollar offers selling the home faster.

  2. Engage and excite the buyer –furniture and accessories  suggest a lifestyle allowing buyers to envision living in the home. This helps create an emotional connection.

  3. Staging is part of marketing — you need to look better than your competition to sell in today’s competitive arena.

  4. Buyers looking at a furnished home will be able to judge if their furniture and belongings will fit in the space.

  5. After a full day of house hunting a beautiful professionally staged home will resonate with the buyer longer, creating an emotional connection and leave a lasting impression and make your home be put on the top of the list to be considered

Reasons not to leave a home empty:

  1. You look Desperate, the house looks distressed …which will bring few if any low ball offers

  2. Buyers will notice every little flaw and defect –the tiniest imperfection is now prominent

  3. An empty space is difficult to visualize what size furniture will fit there

  4. In empty homes the rooms appear smaller –difficult to figure scale and size

  5. Lack of furniture and accessories creates a sterile feeling-the home will not connect emotionally with buyer therefore leaving 0 lasting impression

  6. When you leave your home empty and do nothing in your home to help sell it-you actually help your competition. You help them sell their home faster!!

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