Bright & Beautiful Open Concept Home Staging in Woodbridge, New Jersey


Have you ever wondered whether to stage an open concept space? After all, open spaces look BIG, and that’s what homebuyers want, right? Why should you fill them with furniture that makes the space look smaller?


It’s a common misconception that open, empty spaces look larger.

In fact, empty spaces not only look smaller than they would with strategically placed furniture, but they also give potential homebuyers more opportunities to spot flaws.

The Benefits of Staging an Open Concept Space

Here’s why you should ALWAYS stage an open concept space:

  • Prevents your property from looking sad and empty

  • Creating “rooms” within the open concept space makes the home appear larger

  • Buyers can visualize the true potential of the space

  • We can create flow between rooms… i.e. LIFESTYLE STAGING!

When we stage, our goal is always, always to paint a picture (with furniture placement, flow, aesthetic, etc.) of the potential buyers’ future life in the home.

That emotional connection is what makes. the. sale.

After Reveal: Open Concept Living Room, Dining Area & Kitchen


Why Cohesion Matters in Home Staging

Another important aspect of home staging is cohesion. In other words, does the design in every room feel like it belongs to the same house?

Staging and selling are about psychology!

If a homeowner walks into a room that feels drastically different from the rest of the home, they notice. Maybe consciously, maybe subconsciously, but trust me — it’s something that can be felt.

Or, think about it like this.... You’re enjoying a Waldorf salad for lunch, and then all of a sudden, you bite into a tomato. It’s not an unpleasant taste, you don’t dislike the tomato, but you also sense that it doesn’t belong in your salad.

That’s what walking into a non-cohesive space feels like! Even worse if we were to swap the tomato for something more noticeable, like sardines! Yikes! I think you get the picture. ;)

That’s why design cohesion is so important. Here’s how we put it into play…

After Reveal: Bedrooms Staged for Openness & Cohesion

The rest of the home feels bright, open, and has a soft, soothing palette. We continued the same theme in the bedrooms, while giving the spaces little details of their own to keep them unique.


And there you have it! An open concept, cohesive space that is simply beautiful to look at. We expect this charming home to fly off the market FAST!

If you have a home you’re not sure how to prepare for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out. You deserve to get the highest profit for your biggest investment.

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