How to Stage a Home on a Budget [Spaces That Speak in the Press!]

LendingTree recently published this article about Staging a Home on a Budget… see if you can spot yours truly! They offer some great advice that I’ll expand on here…

First, staging is an investment — not an expense. Time and time again, I’ve witnessed this to be true. (Check out our article on proof of ROI here!) However, if you really, truly don’t want to stage your home, there are a few strategies you can do on your own to put your property’s best foot forward.


Steps for Staging Your Home on a Budget

1. Home Staging Consultation

I take you through all the benefits of a staging consultation here, but I’ll summarize for you quickly. It gives you…

  • a prioritized action plan for prepping your space for your target market

  • peace of mind that you’re focusing on the improvements that buyers care about most

  • recommendations for trusted repairmen and handymen if needed

2. Declutter & Remove Personal Effects

  • Remove any family photos or decor with your name on it

  • Declutter all areas of the house — less is more as long as it doesn’t look empty!

  • Hide any signs that your family is currently living there, jackets or shoes, pet food dishes, etc.

3. Make Repairs

Many homeowners will avoid the expense of making necessary (and noticeable) issue repairs. However, these issues not only devalue your home in the eyes of homebuyers, but it’ll make them wonder what other issues exist that they’re not seeing.


Lastly, if they actually follow through with the sale, they’ll wrap the cost of repairs into your final sale price — so really, you’re paying for them anyway!

This is another good reason a staging consultation is a good idea. You’ll know exactly which repairs are most important.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

A dirty home is probably the #1 turn-off for someone looking to buy. Not only does dirt immediate repulse your potential buyer, it also makes them think you haven’t taken good care of the property. Another double negative you can easily avoid!

5. Freshen Up the Decor

Light fixtures and fresh paint are two of your best strategies for maximizes ROI. It is truly amazing how fresh paint and updated light fixtures can brighten up a space. Take a look through our Portfolio Gallery for some inspiration!

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