How to stage a “man cave” When selling your NJ Home

What man doesn’t want a space where he can relax, watch TV, support his sports teams, and do exactly what he wants to do?

These rooms take on a life of their own: jumbo TV, mismatched furniture, team paraphernalia. These are all great when you’re living in your home… but not when you’re trying to sell it. Here’s why…

The Man Cave Story

Imagine your man has decked his cave out in… let’s say… Jets, collectables. The Jets’ quarterback jersey is framed on the wall, the Jets' helmet is in a Lucite case, photos of Jets’ football scenes are on the wall and there’s a Jets pillow and throw blanket are on the couch.

Now it’s time to sell your home, and the potential homebuyers, a local couple, walk into this room. They liked the house and now they see this Jets shrine.

Little did you know, the husband of the couple hates the Jets – he’s a Giants fan. Every thing in this room irritates him, and he immediately develops a dislike for this house. He doesn’t know why or even realize it is happening but psychologically this room triggered a negative reaction to the home.

Later on that day, when the couple is discussing all the homes they toured, they discuss this particular house. The husband says he didn’t like it. He’s not sure why; he just has a feeling.

And there goes the sale.

Selling is A HOME IS Psychology

Understanding the psychology behind buyers’ motives will help you avoid this negative situation. This is one of the biggest reasons that getting a professional stager’s eyes on your space is so important. We point out the danger zones that could decrease your home value in buyers’ eyes — or could make them move on entirely!

But let’s go back to the man cave.

Instead of inspiring a negative reaction, your man cave could have been presented as a valuable living space that contributed to your proposed sale price.

The area could be used as a den, a family room, an office, a bedroom, etc. Use this space to add value to your home price not lose value. Style it to attract your specific target market.

Home staging should attract the buyer and encourage them linger in the home, imagining themselves and their family living there. That’s the psychology of home staging.

And remember, once you sell this house, you can decorate your new man cave however you want! ;)


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