Everything You Need to Know About Home Staging


The real estate market is constantly evolving. Unlike years past, 90% of today’s buyers begin their home search online. The average home seller, according to the National Real Estate Association is in their mid-50s. Meanwhile, the average buyer is in their 30s.

What does that mean? It means that marketing efforts must not only reach across generations but must do so within a digital landscape.

This is one of the biggest reasons home staging has become more than a luxury — it’s a necessity crucial to a successful sale. A home stager is a real estate professional who has the skills to meet both of these challenges.


Home staging is the process of using specific interior design principles to engage the target audience (your potential buyers) and to visually market a home.

At Spaces That Speak, we style your home to create an emotional connection with the homebuyer — this connection will resonate with them long after they leave. Leaving a lasting impression is the edge that puts your home ahead of the competition and generates a purchase offer — or two or three.


Home staging gives a number of advantages to the seller:

  • 40% of people say they’re more willing to visit a staged home than an unstaged home after seeing listing photos online (NY Times)

  • 77% of buyers say staging helps them visualize the space (National Association of Realtors, 2017)

  • Sell your home 78% faster on average (Real Estate Staging Association [RESA] Consumer Guide)

  • 83% of sellers receive their asking price or up to 20% higher after staging their home (National Association of Realtors, 2017)

What is a Home STaging CONSULTATION?

A consultation with Spaces That Speak Home Staging allows a professional stager to view the seller’s property and identify the alterations necessary to attract an online audience and impress in-person viewers. These recommendations and alterations may include:

  • cosmetic repairs

  • the removal of furniture or clutter

  • help making arrangements for items to be removed and stored for safekeeping

  • updating paint colors

  • furniture styling and or accessories

  • suggested artwork and bedding

The stager will also be able to provide the seller with a proposed design for the actual staging. Some homeowners want a DIY plan and others will want the home stager to complete the tasks. It’s up to you!


RESA reports that home staging costs 1 to 3 percent of the home asking price. The ROI far surpasses this investment. A consultation alone has the potential to save the seller significant time and money by allowing a home to be properly marketed to buyers, whose attention must be grabbed within an online world inundated by hundreds of listings.

Completing a consultation at the onset of the selling process is likely to save many costly marketing mistakes… which means TIME and MONEY.

If you’re reading to see your home earn its full selling potential, give us a call!