7 Reasons you should stage a vacant home when selling in NJ

Most sellers believe their large — but vacant — NJ home will sell itself. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case! Here’s why…

Reason #1: Prospective homebuyers do NOT see a vacant house as a home

More importantly, they don’t understand how a vacant house could become their home.

Which room is which? Is it a dining room or family room or living room? What is this space for? 77% of buyers CAN’T imagine a definite purpose for each room… which is why empty rooms cause confusion!

This is one (of many) reasons that it’s necessary to stage a vacant home in Bergen and Morris County, NJ. It’s imperative to create an emotional connection with the homebuyer, or they will move on to the next home.

A vacant house has no life. It is void, just an empty shell.

Reason #2: You can Raise the perceived value of your NJ home

Home staging creates perceived value… i.e. the value that buyer’s BELIEVE your house is worth. Translation: greater ROI for you.

  • Updated style and furnishings

  • Floor plan flow designed specifically for your target buyer

  • Furniture staging that makes each room appear bigger

  • Emotional appeal that resonates with buyers

These are the features that will raise your final sale price. If you skip staging, you very well could be leaving money on the table!

Reason #3: You can hide the negative attributes of your property

When there are no furnishings, even the smallest imperfections become magnified in the space. There’s nothing else in the room to focus on, so they stand out to the eye.

By contrast, styled and furnished homes accentuate the positive attributes!

Reason #4: STAGED propertIES SELL faster & For more money

Studies conducted by real estate marketing experts have shown that staged homes sell FASTER. Home staging will not only expedite the sale, but the sales price has an 83% chance of being higher with staging than without it.

The ROI on the cost of staging has been proven in every real estate market, sometimes 10-20% higher for a staged home. More on ROI here.

Reason #5: Realtors are more interested in showing staged homes

If there’s a better chance of making the sale, real estate agents will be more interested in showing the property! Most agents would rather not waste their time on properties that might not sell.

Reason #6: Empty homes Tend to receive lower price offers

Empty homes give the impression of being distressed… which leads to lower price offers. Simple as that.

Reason #7: Staged Listing Photos draw in more Potential Buyers

Online marketing will be more effective when buyers can see a staged home. More and more NJ homebuyers are turning to the internet when they start their home search.

These buyers are often looking for a home that is attractive and one they can visualize as their own. They will likely have many homes to look at… a vacant home, even brand new, will not be as attractive to them.

If you’re ready to prep your home for its best sale price, talk to us today.